Young Married's Class

YMC (Young Marrieds Class) meets every Sunday morning  at 9:00AM in the Family Room (located in the GA Mangun Center).  This class is designed for those who have been married 0-10 years.  YMC is exciting!  Relevant, 21st-century topics are discussed with relevant Biblical answers.  Lesson topics range from tools to empower the Christian marriage to simple Biblical discipleship principles.  The class is interactive, and participation is encouraged. Friendships and relationships are also an important part of the class.  During the month, YMC hosts social activities to facilitate fellowship and community among the young marrieds of the POA.  These events range from game nights at the family life center, to special date nights, to family picnics.

Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life Class offers a mature approach to spiritual advancement.  This class provides participants the opportunity to dive deeper into the Word while also learning what it means to have a Kingdom mindset.  The lessons in this class apply to the daily lives of the adult Christian, whether male or female, single or married.  Classes are held at 9:00AM on Sundays in the G.A. Mangun Center. (GAMC)
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Sixty Plus

Sixty Plus Class provides relevant messages that resonate in our lives today.  New insights are brought to the forefront from some of the POA’s most well-studied members, including Vesta Mangun.  The result is a fresh understanding of the message of God. This Sunday School class meets at 9:00AM in the main sanctuary.
Sixty Plus Activities
Sixty Plus promotes spiritual growth and Christian fellowship for all church members 60 years of age or older.  This ministry seeks to connect with the seniors of the POA and keep them involved in fellowship activities. Sixty Plus activities include, but aren't limited to, the following events. Sixty Plus members gather for fellowship and meals several times each year.  Holiday events include an annual Christmas banquet. Outdoor events, such as Bar-B-Qs or Gumbo Dinners, are held throughout the year in The Events Center.  Road Trips to various locales are a Sixty Plus favorite.  Sixty Plus members also make regular visits to area hospitals and send out cards of encouragement.  If you are 60 or older, you are invited to attend these events. For more information, please visit one of our two Welcome Centers located at either end of  the lobby.

Deaf Ministry

Offering the deaf community an opportunity to learn about the Gospel and to worship along with the church,  The POA's Deaf Ministry provides interpreting services for the hearing impaired.  Members of the Deaf Ministry interpret all POA services and special events.  However, this ministry goes beyond mere interpreting--the Deaf Ministry also provides Sunday School, Bible teaching, and fellowship. 

Prayer Ministry

Believing in the power of prayer decades ago, our Bishop (then Pastor) established a program of 24-hour prayer for this congregation.  We pray in shifts of 3-hour increments or smaller segments as conveniently broken up by prayer partners.  Some pray one shift a week, some pray one shift a month.  Many pray even more.  We believe in the power of prayer! Click here for information on how you can get involved in the 24-hour Prayer Ministry. Click here to submit a prayer request


Emotional Health Ministry

Emotional Health Ministry of the POA. The Pentecostals of Alexandria are excited to provide POA Emotional Health Ministry. The POA Emotional Health Ministry is dedicated to the process of helping individuals reach spiritual and emotional wholeness. We believe that a strong relationship with God and healthy relationships with others cannot be achieved without spiritual and emotional maturity. EHM sponsors support groups that are designed to help you along your journey to emotional healing.