SEVEN is a unique and independent ministry sponsored in part by The Pentecostals of Alexandria, offering help and hope to those whose lives have been touched by addiction.  In March of 2008 we began - and through the years have continued to develop - a unique ministry of hope, help, and healing to those in the Central Louisiana community who are in the throes of addiction wanting to be free, those who are in recovery, and to their family members and friends.

We are a fellowship of individuals recovering from the devastation of our lives brought on by various addictions. We have found freedom from alcohol, drugs, gambling, and sexual addictions through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while incorporating the 12 Steps of AA into our recovery process, along with other resources.  We believe the Bible is the ultimate authority for true recovery.  We find strength and hope in the shared experiences of members of this community of recovery and redemption.

We are a support ministry providing group sessions Monday-Saturday evenings that address some aspect of addiction and recovery.  Our role is to support every individual who comes to us who is making or has made the decision to get clean and sober. We also provide acceptance and support to family members and friends whose lives have been affected by addiction. Our desire is to provide a safe place for all individuals where the Holy Spirit is invited to direct, heal, and change us all.

SEVEN is a Christ-centered 12-step program, offering additional support to the 12-Step program through the Celebrate Recovery model and a program by our own Gene Amons, called Restore 5:12.  We also offer separate small group sessions throughout the year for those dealing with life’s hurts, habits, and hang ups (aren’t we all?) based on John Baker’s Life’s Healing Choices.

Our meetings are held in the POA Events Center located at 701 Veterans Drive (the old VFW building).  Our SEVEN facility includes a large meeting room for “big group meetings” as well as several small adjacent meeting rooms for breakout sessions, childcare, and other meeting needs.

With the lifting of pandemic guidelines, our meetings are back on schedule as listed below.  We are again serving coffee/beverages at all regular meetings and hosting meal events as noted below on Saturday evenings.

Monday Night meetings are open group discussions – a time of sharing and caring for those who are dealing with various aspects of their recovery process.  Doug Fearon leads these weekly sessions.

It really is an “open book” study – The AA Big Book is shared and discussed each week, led by Marcel Fulton, a man well-versed in the Big Book 12-Steps.  These Tuesday night sessions are also available live on FB.

On Wednesday nights, we “break out” into separate sessions for Addicted Men, Addicted Women, and Family Members. Our Family group sessions are led by Paul and Karen Smith while Wednesday night Addiction group leaders are coordinated by Brad Allison and Phyllis Fulton.

Restore 5:12 is a program developed by one of our members, Gene Amons, that combines both the original 12-steps of AA with five distinct measures of spiritual restoration.  This study is specifically designed to help us overcome pain, sorrow, despair and the power of addiction in personal spiritual encounters with Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us.

If you’re just getting started – or if you’re not sure whether to start or not – or if you’re just “in the process” of working the 12-Steps, Friday nights are for you.  These open group sessions are specifically tailored to those working the first steps of the 12 – or re-working them - as their recovery progresses.  Of course, anyone is welcome to attend regardless of what step you are on! These meetings are coordinated by Gerald Labit and led by a designated group of individuals with 12-Step recovery experience.

Saturday nights are special at SEVEN.  We have speakers.  We have testimonies.  We celebrate birthdays.  Two out of four (3 out of 5) Saturdays we serve a meal at 6:00 pm followed by the designated meeting at 7:00 as noted below:
The FIRST and THIRD Saturdays are regular group meetings with special speakers and guests teaching lessons geared just for you!  The SECOND SATURDAY is Burgers and Breakouts with a meal of burgers and hot dogs (picnic fare) - at 6:00 pm followed by some great breakout sessions beginning at 7:00 pm.  The FOURTH SATURDAY we have a meal at 6:00 pm followed by a Birthday Celebration meeting at 7:00 featuring presentation of special chips and  testimonies from those who have multiple years of sobriety.  If there's a FIFTH SATURDAY we have a special speaker and a special meal at 6:00 pm, meeting at 7:00 pm.

Located at 701 Veterans Drive, the POA Events Center complex is also home to SEVEN.  (It’s the door farthest from the road when you pull into the parking lot with the people standing around outside waiting to welcome you!)  This building is across the bayou from our POA Main Campus on Rapides Avenue.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Who can attend a SEVEN Meeting?  
A. Our meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend – whether you are active in your addiction, in recovery, or a family member or friend of someone who is affected by substance abuse.

Q. What do I have to do to attend a SEVEN Meeting?
A. Just show up!  There is no pre-registration – no requirement to let us know you’re coming . . . We’re just waiting on you to get here!
Q. I am under court order to attend a specific number of meetings.  Does SEVEN qualify?
A. Yes, it does.  Attend a meeting and at the end, the meeting leader will be glad to sign your form.

If you have additional questions about SEVEN please email us.

Check out our Facebook group page at SEVEN Recovery for updates and information regarding scheduling, easy access to our SEVEN live meetings as well as those in other groups we are connected with in Craig, Colorado and Fort St. John, Canada, as well as random thoughts and scriptures to bring you acceptance and encouragement.
Our goal is to provide an atmosphere conducive to deliverance and recovery in which the Holy Spirit can minister healing to the hurting and hope to the helpless...
Come on in. The coffee is hot. We've been expecting you...